T-Rex Dinosaur by Thai Varrick

T-Rex Dinosaur by Thai Varrick

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Thai Varick

(b. 1941-2001 NY, NY)

T-Rex Dinosaur, 1994

  • Wire Sculpture
  • 17” x 16 x 7”

 Thai Varick was an American original whose roots reach back into 18th C New York City when his fifth great grandfather founded the A.M. E. Zion Church. Thai's 'real' name is Louis Gladding Varick V. He was a colorful character who chose a life on the streets of New York where he sold his sculptures directly to the public while chatting with them. He was a fixture on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for years, often sitting in front of Zabar's to create, show, and sell his work. And while several galleries courted him, his lifestyle and intermittent drug habit always drove him back to the streets. Often told his work reminded people of Alexander Calder, he simply saw Calder as his "predecessor," nothing more. “My art speaks for itself, it advocates freedom, it doesn't block the eye, you can see clear through it, put it up to your face, so freedom… is one of my desires, not only for myself, but for every man." Thai died shortly after the New York Times did a profile of him in 2000, entitled "On the Fringe, with a Gift."