Northern Lights by Bryan Iguchi

Northern Lights by Bryan Iguchi

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 Bryan Iguchi

(b. 1973 Los Angeles, CA)

 Northern Lights, 2015

50 limited-edition signed and numbered prints (36/50)

36" x 28.75"

 Bryan Iguchi has immersed himself in the mountains since he became a professional snowboarder in 1992. During the winter, he spends his days exploring the backcountry of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which has come to define his career as a professional snowboarder. Born and raised in Southern California, surfing and skateboarding was his earliest influences fueling his progression in park/ pipe riding. After traveling the world and competing in countless contests, he moved to the mountains of Jackson permanently with his wife and two sons.

This commitment to the mountains started to shape not only his snowboarding but also his art. Using mix mediums, he began capturing familiar landscapes and imagining new ones. For Bryan, his art is an extension of his passion for our natural world. Inspired by vast landscapes, mountain topography; the fluid movement of precipitation, rivers, erosion, and breaking waves.