Moonlit Polihale by Jamie Lynn

Moonlit Polihale by Jamie Lynn

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Jamie Lynn

(b. 1973 Vancouver, WA)

 Moonlit Polihale, 2002

70 limited-edition signed and numbered prints (49/70)

40" x 30"

Jamie M. Lynn is one of the most universally respected, iconic snowboarders of all time. His influence can be seen everywhere in snowboarding, from the way we ride, to the way we think about the art that covers our boards.

In the early nineties he brought a power and style to riding mountains that directly shaped the direction and nature of the sport's evolution. Drawing inspiration from skate legends like Neil Blender and Mark Gonzales, he was the first snowboarder to create his own graphics for his pro-model board, and continues to do so to this day. His artistic aesthetic has influenced countless young, aspiring artists over the last two decades.