Electric Kiss by Gustavo Minas

Electric Kiss by Gustavo Minas

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Gustavo Minas

(b. Brasilia, Brazil)

 Electric Kiss, 2014

  • Archival photographic print on heavyweight, acid-free soft gloss paper. 
  • 12” x 18”
  • Open Edition
  • Framed

Gustavo Minas first got hooked on photography during school when he was studying journalism. It was a class on photojournalism that taught him to notice things through a lens, whether it was vivid colors, deep shadows, or geometric compositions. After graduation, he took a job as an economics reporter at a newspaper, but always found himself waking up early to wander the streets of São Paulo and capture the warm light of the morning. “Many days I come back home with nothing worth a second look, but now and then magic happens, and this is what keeps me going back to the streets over and over.” Although Gustavo’s artwork is powerfully impactful, his demeanor remains humble. “My studio is small and cozy, just a table and iMac in the living room of my apartment.