Techno Band by Eugene Lagana

Techno Band by Eugene Lagana

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Eugene Lagana
(b. 1961 -West Milford, NJ ) 

Techno Band, 2015, 27” x 19”
Black bezel frame white matting.

The photographic series titled Small Surrealism, by photographer Eugene Lagana, has been featured in galleries, art exhibits, private collections and retail stores in the US. Inspired by the highly imaginative work of Salvador Dali and the experimental, satirical compositions of Frank Zappa, the New Jersey artist likes to create artistic and whimsical stories, with a comedic twist.

Eugene started his career in technology, which has a huge influence on his body of work. Not being afraid to experiment with new hardware and photographic techniques has resulted in innovative works of art. Continuing to read books, watch training videos and participate in photography classes, he always considers himself a student of photography.

Eugene says the most enjoyable part of showing his work is answering technical questions about his photographs and observing people's reactions when they see one for the first time.