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Warwick, NY (August 2016) – Playa Gallery, a modern/contemporary art gallery located on Railroad Ave in Warwick, will hold its grand opening event on Friday, September 9th from 5-8 pm.

The gallery is owned and curated by Jessica Tracy, a lifelong Warwick resident and Fine Arts Educator. Some time in the near future, Jessica plans to offer classes and workshops for those of all ages that will encompass all aspects of art.

Playa Gallery was founded in honor of Melissa Tracy, her husband’s sister, after her
unexpected passing in February 2016. “She was a beautiful, energetic soul who loved any and all things colorful,” Tracy said. “Melissa held a special place in her heart for the people and artwork found in the Nevada flats at the annual Burning Man Festival. You would often hear her say, ‘I’m going home to the Playa’.”

Playa Gallery is the newest addition to Orange County’s extensive art scene.  The stylishly minimalist gallery will exhibit emerging, mid-career, and established artists who have created contemporary works on paper, paintings, fine art photographs and sculpture. The mission of Playa Gallery is to bridge various artist communities and provide its artists greater exposure to new markets. 

The opening exhibit will also highlight the works of many modern/contemporary artists from all over the world, including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Joan Miro, & Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash.

In addition, the exhibit will include works by Jessica Brilli whose work is inspired by
Kodachrome slides and generations old photographs gathered from yard sales and
basements across America.

Tracy states, “It has always been my dream to open an art gallery. Melissa’s passing, although sad, served as a reminder to our family that we needed to live more in the present. When we found this great space, I knew the time was right. Our goal is to place our artists’ work in a wide range of public and private collections, as well as offer insight into the world of art.”

For more information, call 845- 670 - 4321 or visit

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